Meet the Artist

Who I am…


*I’m a small town girl. I’d like to visit a million big cities but I could never live in one. I used to think when I was younger that I wanted to get as far from here as possible. But now, I want to be here in the place I was raised. I want to give back to a community that gave to me in various ways over my lifetime. Staying close to those who love me…


*I have a great husband. One who continues to love me even when I’m crazy. He’s real, imperfect and passionate and always growing, learning and working towards being a better man for our family.


*My kids are amazing! They are everything I want in children but nothing I would’ve picked out for myself! Ella is 9. She’s all sass, talk and movement. She’s a fire cracker alright but she’s a friendly little thing, a true Mother Hen.  Colin is 7. He’s ALL B.O.Y and has a temper to match… his fathers ;)!  He likes to throw stuff, smash stuff and make loud sounds! Our third child, Eli, is 2yrs old. My quiet, sweet, and peaceful child. He seems to fit so perfectly into our little family and we love him so much. And rounding out the tribe is baby Beckett or Becky as we like to call him. Only a tiny little thing at 1 year old but we all adore him and he just goes with the flow. Much like his big sister, he’s interested in everything around him and doesn’t want to miss a beat.


*I LOVE MY JOB! The people, the places, the creativity!?!?! It just SCREAMS: Lindsay! I’ve never had formal training. My business IS one of my children. My oldest baby is Brenton, then it’s Ella, Colin, Eli, Beckett, and of course Off the Wahl. I’m a canon lover.


*Jesus Christ is my Savior and I won’t deny it because I know that all I have and all that I am is because of Him. He saves me everyday, and I am so thankful.


*I like old movies (REALLY old movies, anything before 1965), I’m a book worm, a gardener, a chocolate lover (but who isn’t?!) and I like LOTS of different kinds of music!


*I’m a nerd, I crack myself up. I’m one of those weird gals that DOESN’T really enjoy pregnancy BUT I enjoy the reward. I’m a list maker, a Mac user, a day dreamer, a wild child, a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister and a daughter! I love ALL my parents and sisters and brothers. I have great friends and an amazing support system that allows me to do what I do!